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Our Expertise, Your Lifestyle

We have the resources and experience to gain the full potential of your aviation interests.

Aircraft Management Services

Fly Private, Peace of Mind

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  • Aircraft Acquisition services - Factory-new or pre-owned, our team of experts and partners within the business aviation industry have extensive knowledge to navigate the complexities involved with purchasing and operating a business jet.

  • Dedicated flight operations department available 24 / 7 / 365 with a personalised touch

  • In-house experts in various aviation fields

  • Access to cost saving programs

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Aircraft Revenue and Maintenance Services

Our Expertise, Your Lifestyle

We pride ourselves on unrivalled quality, ensuring our client's valuable assets are attentively managed.
  • Maintenance coordination management services

  • Round the clock flight operations stretching worldwide

  • Crew recruitment and training

  • Reduce your ownership cost with charter revenue

  • Fleet-rate pricing on hull and liability insurance

Air Ambulance Repatriations

Aeromedical Specialists

Highly modified aeromedical private jet aircraft.
  • Special Mission Air Ambulance Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation across Asia-Pacific and beyond through our subsidiary Red Dot Air Ambulance.

  • Dedicated highly modified medevac private jet aircraft capable of carrying dual stretcher patients. Fully equipped medical supplies for the most challenging missions.

  • Full control of quality assurance being the aircraft owner and operator, experienced in-house medical flight doctors and nurses.

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Aircraft Management Services

We have the resources and experience to gain the full potential of your aviation interests.

Private Jet Charter

Exclusive access to private jet charter services using our fleet of business jets based in Asia Pacific region.

Request Charter Quote

Get a custom private jet charter quote by filling out our short online air charter quote request form.

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Join the enviable list of our satisfied clients

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