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Aircraft Ownership Simplified

Seletar Jet Charter is Singapore's leading aircraft management company with a global presence.

Business Jet Management Services

Tailored Aircraft Management Solutions

Seletar Jet Charter offers turnkey aircraft management services tailored to meet your needs and maximise your return. We simplify business jet ownership and navigate the complexities of purchasing, managing and operating private jet aircraft with exclusive access to cost-saving programs. 

We pride ourselves on unrivalled quality, ensuring your valuable assets are attentively managed. In addition, we uphold and guarantee unmatched safety, security and regulatory compliance standards and deliver our clients the best possible aircraft management service.

Reduce your aircraft ownership costs with charter revenue while maintaining complete control of your aircraft while our specialised team manages all the complexities of managing your private jet.

Aircraft Management Seletar Jet Charter

Seletar Jet has the expertise to ensure your aviation experience is virtually effortless


  • Upholding high safety, security and privacy standards

  • Offset your aircraft ownership costs with charter revenue

  • Bulk fleet rate discount on fuel, hull and liability insurance

  • Maintenance coordination, cost control and planning focused on minimal downtime

  • Dedicated flight operations department available 24 / 7 / 365

  • Savings on pilot training, maintenance and hanger costs

  • Best possible customer service

  • Concierge services

  • In-house experts in various aviation fields

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  • Round-the-clock flight operations with worldwide authority

  • Crew management, recruitment and training

  • Tailored business jet management simplifying jet ownership

  • Various cost-saving programs with our diverse fleet of managed aircraft

  • Continued regulatory compliance standards

  • Flight planning, scheduling, permits and flight following

  • Financial accounting, transparency and reporting

  • Simple monthly management fee

  • Cost-effective operational management of your aircraft

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Frequently Ask​ed Questions about Aircraft Management

What if I would like my aircraft base of operation somewhere other than Seletar Jet's WSSL Seletar Airport headquarters?

Seletar Jet Charter specialises in remote aircraft management and has operational bases in Singapore, Australia and various Asia Pacific locations. Our organisational support structure allows you to capitalise on a worldwide selection of places to serve as your base of operations.

Can my aircraft be used to gain charter revenue?

Adding your aircraft to Seletar Jet Charter's air operators certificate will allow you to gain revenue through aircraft charter. Your aircraft, when not in use by you, can be offered to suitable customers for charter with your expressed permission. Adding your aircraft to our charter air operators certificate will allow you to generate revenue to help offset the cost of operating a business jet.

What type of aircraft does Seletar Jet Charter manage?

Seletar Jet Charter manages a vast range of business jets, from mid-sized jets to ultra-long-range business aircraft. We operate to the highest industry standards regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia (CASA).

We have years of experience managing all types of aircraft internationally. In addition, Seletar Jet Charter has the expertise to ensure your aviation experience is virtually effortless. 

What is Seletar Jet Charter's stance on safety?

At Seletar Jet Charter, every aspect of our flight operations revolves around our continuously evaluating commitment to safety. SJC operates to the highest industry standards regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia (CASA). Regulatory compliance and safety are paramount to us.

A strong safety culture is built from our robust Safety Management System (SMS). In addition, the rigorous training standards that our flight crew undergo provide you with unparalleled safety and comfort.

Will I receive any discounts through Seletar Jet Charter's Aircraft Management Services?

Seletar Jet Charter enjoys significant fleet discounts in pilot training, insurance, fuel, and maintenance based on our diverse fleet purchasing power. All these savings are passed along to you.

Can I choose my flight crew?

To provide a harmonious fit, we screen and hire all pilots. All our pilots hold the relevant Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia (CASA) Flight Crew Licences, Validations, Type Ratings and Class 1 Medical Certificates.

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